9.2 Website Promotion Techniques

Apart from search engines the website may be promoted through other media like print, television etc. This will prompt casual visitors to browse the website and if they find the information useful, they may visit the site more often.


All the advertisements/public messages including Press Releases, Tender Notifications etc. issued in the Newspapers/Audio-visual media by the concerned Department MUST prominently mention the URL of the web site clearly in order to give it due publicity. It should be directed that no press release or advertisement of any Government Department shall be issued to the press without checking the presence of the URL of the website and necessary steps should also be taken to ensure the presence of relevant corresponding information on the website.


All the stationery items of the Department such as Letterheads, Visiting Cards Publicity material such as Brochures, Pamphlets and documents such as the Annual Report etc. MUST display the URL of the web site.


The website URL may become a part of the mail signature for all the outgoing mails from the Departments and its employees.


The website should also be promoted by link exchange with other Government websites as well as international websites.


Providing regular and updated news on various issues related to the Government, citizens etc. are very important tools of promotion. Regular revised updates on all important issues related to Government and in interest of the citizens should be highlighted/placed on the website. Frequent updates and change in contents will bring the visitors back to the portal and will keep the readers interested in the website.


Sending regular updates on the websites to registered and interested users through an electronic newsletter should form an important means of promotion.