8.2 Hosting Service Provider


Indian Government websites must be accessible to the public in a fast and secure manner on 24x7 basis. It is important that the Web Hosting Service Provider (HSP) for a government department be chosen with extreme caution and care, keeping the following in mind:

  1. The HSP MUST possess state-of-the-art multi tier security infrastructure at both, physical and network level as well as security policies to ensure the best possible security to Government websites.
  2. The Web Hosting Service Provider MUST also use devices such as firewall and intrusion prevention systems to make the website more secure.
  3. The Web Hosting Service Provider MUST have a redundant server infrastructure to ensure fastest restoration of the website in the event of any unforeseen hardware/software failure.
  4. The HSP MUST have a Disaster Recovery (DR) Centre in a geographically distant location and a well drafted DR plan for fast restoration of the services during any disaster.
  5. Provision should be given to the concerned Department to remotely update their website in a secured manner.
  6. The HSP should also provide the facility of staging infrastructure in order to facilitate the testing of the new websites as well as their enhanced or revised versions’ content prior to publishing on the internet.
  7. HSP should provide web server statistics required for performance evaluation on a regular basis. If possible, online access to the traffic analysis should be provided so that the Department can access the traffic analysis at any point of time for the purpose of evaluation.
  8. Web Hosting Service Provider MUST provide helpdesk and technical support to the department on 24 x 7 x 365 basis.