8.1 Website Hosting

The fundamental purpose of a Government website is to deliver the information and services to the citizens and other stakeholders using the medium of Internet. Generally, websites/portals/web applications are hosted on special purpose servers in a Data Centre.

Data Centre is a facility equipped with controlled power, cooling systems, physical security and access control. Generally, a large number of servers are hosted in a Data Centre, powered by high speed networking infrastructure, storage system along with a storage network. Provision for back-ups of data/information residing in Data Centres is also an important service of Data Centre. Multi-tier security infrastructure is also a crucial component of Data Centres.

While it is extremely important to develop websites using state-of-the-art technologies, hosting infrastructure plays a crucial role in the performance, availability and accessibility of these websites to end users with varying set-ups.

Hence, configuration of hosting server infrastructure as well as facilities at Data Centres are important aspects to review, prior to hosting. Following section details the kinds of facilities and services that the Department should expect from their hosting service providers.