7.6 Validation & Testing

Websites should be validated and tested with automatic tools and human review. Automated methods are generally rapid and convenient but cannot identify all issues. Human review can help in issues like ensuring clarity of language and ease of navigation.

Following are some important validation methods that may be followed:

  1. Departments may use automated accessibility tool and browser validation tool.
    • Validate syntax (e.g., HTML, XML, etc.).
    • Validate stylesheets (e.g, CSS).
  2. It is a MUST that Indian Government websites are tested for multiple browsers and versions of browsers, operating systems, connection speeds, and screen resolutions to ensure access by all.
  3. Use of a self-voicing browser, a screen reader, magnification software, small display, etc.
  4. Use spell and grammar checkers. Eliminating grammar problems increases comprehension.
  5. Review the document for clarity and simplicity. Readability statistics, such as those generated by some word processors may be useful indicators of clarity and simplicity. Better still, ask experienced (human) editors to review written content for clarity.