6.4 Typography


The content of the site should be readable with default standard fonts.


Fonts like Verdana and Georgia that are suited for screen viewing may be used. Text that must be in a particular font for reasons such as branding may use an image and provide the same as Alt text. (Ref. Section: 6.6.3)


When using Hindi/Regional language fonts the page MUST be tested on major browsers for any inconsistency (loss of layout). Unicode character must be used.


Italic fonts are not legible in small font sizes. Paragraphs in all capital characters and italics should be used sparingly as they hinder legibility in big blocks of text.


It is author’s responsibility to create Web content that does not prevent the user agent (e.g. browser) from scaling the content effectively, therefore Except for captions and images of text, text MUST be resizable without the use of assistive technology by upto 200% without loss of content or functionality. (Ref. WCAG 1.4.4)


Font properties should be such that the text MUST be readable both in electronic and print format and the content MUST print correctly on an A4 size paper.