5.4 Consistent Terminology

Common look and feel in Government websites of any country helps in promoting the brand image of the Government; raises user confidence; provides a user-friendly experience in navigating Government websites; and organises information more consistently to facilitate search. An integral part of the common look and feel strategy is the usage of standard content terminology, positioning and framework. Usability Research has established that using common terms and placement of content can help visitors locate the information they want more quickly and conveniently.


Hence it is suggested that ‘Consistent Content Terminology and Positioning’ should be adopted by Government websites in India. This could act as a beginning for adopting a larger view towards common look and feel of Indian Government websites in the long run. If a certain ‘term’ has been presented in a particular manner at one place in the website, it should be referred to in the same manner at all places in the site.


Components that have the same functionality within a set of Web pages MUST be identified consistently. If identical functions have different labels on different Web pages, the site will be considerably more difficult to use. It may also be confusing and increase the cognitive load for people with cognitive limitations. (Ref. WCAG 3.2.4)

For example

  • If a certain Government entity has been referred to as the ‘Department’ at one place in the site, it should not be mentioned as ‘organisation’ or some other name at an alternative place in the same site.
  • In any application form, if the button to submit information after filling up the form says ‘SUBMIT’ then it must say so across the entire website. It should not happen that different terminology is used in the same context at various places in a single website.