5.1 Citizen Orientation

The crucial element of an effective presence of Government on the Web is the way its content is written and packaged. Indian Government websites should be oriented towards their prospective audience. Intended audience to the Government website could be Citizens, Businesses, Government Departments as well as Government employees. Following are the guidelines towards the same:


The content should be selected keeping the audience in mind, not from the Government’s perspective. Apart from the selection of the content, equal emphasis should be given to the way it is written and presented on the web. Content aimed at the common public should be written in such a way so that people from diverse professional, educational and demographic backgrounds can easily comprehend the same.


Homepage of the website should be designed carefully and effectively to provide a good interface for the citizen. Homepages should ideally not feature details of individuals and office bearers of the Department. Those details may be appropriate on the “About Us” or “Who’s who” page.


In order to gauge the content requirements of the citizens, who are the prime target audience of any Government website, Government Departments may use following means to determine the best way to identify and package information for citizens and other stakeholders:

  • Discussion Forums
  • User satisfaction surveys
  • Online feedback from citizens
  • Analysing website usage reports, including search terms and statistics
  • Usability testing and research