4.1 Information in Public Domain

The content of a Government website is its soul as the citizens rely heavily upon a Government website to access authentic and up-to-date information. Ideally, an Indian Government website ought to have the following kinds of content:

a. Primary Content:

Primary content shall be the original content that is sought by target audience of the website which could be citizens, business community, overseas citizens or other Government Departments or even Government employees. Examples of such content are information about the Department, various Schemes and programmes of the Department, Documents, Forms etc. Besides regulatory content mandated by legislation such as IT act, RTI or even Directives from apex offices shall also form a part of this category e.g. parliament question and answers.

b. Secondary Content:

Secondary content is generated from the assortment, packaging of primary content to suit the requirement of different audience, events and occasions. Examples of such content are Advertisements/Banners/Spotlight/Media Gallery/Related sites etc.

c. Tertiary Content:

Information about the ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ content forms a part of the tertiary content. This includes sections like About the Site, Online Help, Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Departments/Organisations should compile their own list of contents/sub contents which they feel should be in public domain or needed by their intended audience. Information could be free to access by all or part of information (due to concerns of privacy & sensitivity) could be made available only to registered users.

A generic list of content is given at the following pages:

Generic List of Content
Primary Content
Long Term Value Short Term Value
About The Ministry/Department/State News
Programmes & Schemes Tenders
Documents Recruitments
Sectoral Profile  
Regional Profile  
Contact Information  
Secondary Content
Special Interest Group/Audience Specific Views  
Discussion Forum  
Related Links  
Media Gallery  
Advertisements & Banners  
Tertiary Content
About The Portal  
Sitemap, Search  
Terms and Conditions  
Feedback (General/Content Specific)  
Content Contributor, Source & Validity  

Guidelines pertaining to compilation of content in some of the common content categories have been given in the following sections.