2.3 Link with the National Portal; The National Portal of India is a single window source for access to all information and services being provided by the various constituents of the Indian Government to its citizens and other stakeholders. The Portal is an aggregator of all Indian Government websites belonging to different entities of the Government. The Portal has been designed, developed and hosted by National Informatics Centre (NIC), the premier ICT organisation of the Government with a nationwide presence. has a unified interface and seamless access to a wide variety of services for citizens from all walks of life and from varied demography. This official Portal for the Government of India acts as a gateway to a plethora of information and services provided electronically by the different departments of Indian Government. It acts as an escort to the visitors and guides them through varied web sites of Indian Government constituents and also presents a lot of value added information like their association/status in terms of sectors, ministries, departments etc. in a unique and unified manner.

There are exclusive sections catering to the different information needs of citizens A variety of services being provided by the government across sectors and States/UTs can also be accessed from the Portal. The Portal also provides comprehensive information & access to Government News, Press Releases, Documents, Policies, Forms and Tender Notifications etc. The content of the Portal is also available in Hindi. Further, the content can be personalised for each viewer based on his/her demographic profile and area of interest.


Since the National Portal is the official single entry Portal of the Indian Government, all Indian Government websites MUST provide a prominent link to the National Portal from the Homepage and other important pages of citizen’s interest.


The pages belonging to the National Portal MUST load into a newly opened browser window of the user. This will also help visitors find information or service they could not get on that particular website. It is quite common that citizens are not aware which information or service is provided by which Department.

How to link to the National Portal

As per linking Policy of the National Portal, no prior permission is required to link ‘’ from any Indian Government website. However, the Department providing a link to The National Portal is required to inform the National Portal Secretariat about the various sections of the National Portal that they have linked to, so that they can be informed of any changes, updations/additions therein. Also, it is not permitted that the National Portal Pages be loaded into frames on any site. These must be loaded into a new browser window.

Special Banners in different sizes and colour schemes for providing a link to the National Portal have been given at:

Instructions on how to provide a link have also been given. The Government websites/ Portals may choose any banner from the ones provided, depending upon their site design and place the same on their Homepage.