10.7 Website Policies

Websites represent the face of the department in the cyber world. Like the Department itself, the website also has to continually grow and evolve. As the website grows in size and reach, the expectations of the citizen also grow. It is therefore important that we set down rules and regulations to operate and manage the websites effectively.

Although different policies and their need and purpose is explained in various sections of this document for the sake of convenience, a complete list of policies along with the section are referenced below:

S.No. Policy Ref. No.
1. Copyright Policy 3.1
2. Hyper linking Policy 3.2
3. Terms & Conditions 3.3
4. Privacy policy 3.4
5. Content Contribution, Moderation and Approval Policy (CMAP) 5.2.1
6. Web Content Review Policy (CRP) 5.2.3
7. Content Archival Policy (CAP) 5.2.6
8. Website Security Policy 7.7.2
9. Contingency Management 8.3
10. Website Monitoring Policy 10.3

All the above policies MUST be duly approved by the Web Information Manager.