10.6 Website Review & Enhancement

Departments and Organisations that own Government websites, and the citizens they serve, want these websites to be as useful as possible. Government Departments at all levels should evaluate visitor satisfaction and usability of their websites and use the outcome of assessments to improve the websites.


Besides regular feedback through feedback form, Departments may obtain visitor feedback through online questionnaires or surveys where the visitors can be asked to rank the website on various parameters and give detailed inputs on what more they would like to be added on the website.


Detailed review of web analysis reports over a long span may also reveal a lot of information on usage or expectations from the website.


In order to keep abreast with the latest technologies as well as to cater to the visitor’s demands for major changes and enhancements in the website, Indian Government sites should opt to undergo a formal review by an internal group or an external agency to further orient them towards citizens and other stakeholders.