10.1 Website Management Team

The success of any endeavour depends upon the backing of a strong and enthusiastic team. In case of a Government website, the role of a Website management team assumes paramount importance in ensuring its credibility amongst its patrons.


Departments MUST appoint a Web Information Manager (WIM) whose role shall be to ensure that there is a proper flow of content to the site and that content quality and user satisfaction issues are taken care of. To achieve this WIM has to coordinate with the various groups within the Department and undertake the following activities with regard to the Indian Government website being maintained by her/him.

  • Formulation of policies concerning management of content on the web through its entire life cycle viz. Creation, Moderation, Approval, Publishing and Archival. Ensuring that all content on the website is always authentic, up-to-date and obsolete information or services are removed.
  • Set a mechanism for periodically validating links to related information. An automated report can provide a list of broken links on the site, which can be immediately corrected.
  • Getting the website certified for Guideline Compliance and ensuring that it remains compliant throughout its lifecycle.
  • Web Information Manager is overall responsible for quality and quantity of information and services on the website. The complete contact details of the Web Information Manager should be displayed on the website, so that the visitor could contact him/her in case of some queries or requirements.
  • Since the websites receive a significant amount of feedback/query mails from the visitors, it is the responsibility of the Web Information Manager to either reply to all of them himself/herself or designate someone to regularly check and respond to the feedback/query mails.


Besides the Web Information Manager, a Technical Manager should also be appointed for every Indian Government website whose responsibilities would be:

  • Regular monitoring of website for Performance, Security and Availability.
  • Ensuring compliance with policies (organisational, regulatory, legislative, etc.) that may require changes in website content, architecture, and security.
  • Periodic security audit of the website in line with major revisions.
  • Analysis of traffic on website and feedback to development/management team.


In case of a large website/multiple websites, a team should be setup with Web Information Manager having professionals skilled in HTML Authoring, Programming, Design, Content etc.